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Chemical Safe Handling

J.G. Drapeau and CWL have mirrored the Responsible Care Program established by the CIAC (Chemistry Industry Association of Canada)

J.G. Drapeau and CWL safety initiative was created in 2001 and is called The Customer Care Program©. It is dedicated to making improvements in how chemicals are handled. A safety committee was formed and is always comprised of at least one driver, one dockworker, one office staff and one manager. Any behaviour not in keeping with J.G. Drapeau and CWL’s safe handling of chemicals can be reported to the committee by any employee and is addressed without exception. The vision of the Responsible Care Program is shared by J.G. Drapeau and CWL.

Their objectives are:

  • Be accountable and responsive to the public, especially our local communities, who have the right to understand the risks and benefits of what we do
  • Take preventative action to protect health and the environment
  • Innovate for safer processes that conserve resources and provide enhanced value
  • Engage with our business partners to ensure the stewardship and security of our products, services and raw materials throughout their life-cycle
  • Understand and meet expectations for social responsibility
  • Promote awareness of Responsible Care, and inspire others to commit to these principles