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Hazmat Warehousing & Distribution

CWL has the facilities, the training and the certifications to safely warehouse your Hazmat products

The nature of CWL’s warehousing business is to adapt existing systems to fit yours. The ability to both customize and be highly flexible is what sets CWL apart.

Like J.G. Drapeau, CWL’s mandate is to understand clients’ needs at a deeper level and create solutions that work with repeatable precision. For close to 5 decades, CWL has been creating efficiencies and driving costs out of customers’ supply chains which has helped to maintain strong customer relationships with companies big and small.

CWL offers both short and long term storage for hazardous products and provides:

  • Inventory information upon receipt and shipment of product
  • Activity reports
  • Complete on/off loading of trailers and overseas containers
  • Cross docking
  • FIFO

Serving the distribution needs of Canada and the USA

From CWL’s facility in Toronto, Ontario, product can be effectively distributed anywhere in Canada and the USA. Corporations large and small leave everything to CWL from inbound shipment requirements, to the picking and distribution of orders by courier, LTL or truckload carriers.

CWL specializes in hazardous materials and their facility and personnel are compliant with all regulations and safety protocols required. If you need a presence in Canada, CWL’s Toronto facility serves as the ideal hub for centralized distribution.

Service features include:

  • RFD scanning and EDI compatibility
  • Packaging and labeling on site
  • Paper roll & carton clamps, flexible to clients weights
  • Full pick and pack
  • Display assembly
  • Replenishment programs
  • Sorting and repacking product sampling (random or specific)
  • Quality control/inspection
  • Reverse logistics/returns
  • Fulfillment